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Clinics based on Reining and/or Ranch Fundamentals

Matt travels all over the country as a Clinician and bases his clinics on the fundamentals of Reining and Ranch Riding. Our clinics are suitable for horses and riders of various abilities and disciplines. Group structure and small numbers make clinics a great introduction to our program and Matt's kind approach to coaching and encouraging nature make for a fantastic learning environment. 

Contact us now or head over to our Clinic Page to find out more about our upcoming clinic locations and Matt's availability to run a clinic near you!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to gain confidence without an audience and learn more about you and your horse in a more relaxed and pressure free environment. Matt travels regularly anywhere within 2-3 hours of Quialigo for private lessons at your facility, pending his availability. We also offer private lessons in our fully enclosed arena at our facility if you would prefer to travel to us with your horse.

If you would like to find out more about what is involved in private lessons or just have a chat, contact us at anytime via one of the links below. 

Ground Work

Ground work is the basis of all horsemanship and a vital part of any horse and rider combination. At Sliding Lodge, ground work is a huge part of our training program and a tool that we feel can benefit horses in every way. Matt appreciates people's want for bettering their ground work and is available for guidance and coaching on the ground, not just in the saddle, if desired. 

Float Loading

Float loading can be a daunting task and often a part of horse ownership that can bring people and horses unstuck. Matt offers float loading lessons privately at your home with prior arrangement and is open to communicating with you about you and your horses needs when it comes to loading and travelling safely.


Matt has been successfully showing horses of our own as well as clients horses as a professional for nearly 10 years and has a passion and drive to do his very best in the show pen. This has led him to win multiple State and National Titles in the Reining Industry. Matt has also coached several youth and non-pro competitors to State and National Titles and is an enthusiastic and supportive coach who can nurture clients through every aspect of showing horses.

Sliding Lodge travel to many shows along the East coast and Matt is available to provide coaching and tuition, whether it be all week or weekend long or for private lessons. 

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