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Sliding Lodge Performance Horses

Foundation Acadmey

The Foundation Academy was formed from an idea that Matt wanted to create a gateway for people to gain knowledge and confidence to get involved in the western performance horse industry while being supported by professionals and learning the ins and outs of what is involved in every aspect of showing horses.

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What's involved?

The Foundation Academy is applicable to different western disciplines and gives you the head start you need to get involved in showing horses. Sliding Lodge Performance Horses wants to support newcomers in to their chosen disciplines and through this program will teach riders everything that is involved in including :

- Joining a club

- Meeting the committee

- Entering a show

- Prepping your horse to show

- Showing your horse in classes

- Meeting trainers within the club

- Meeting like minded people and building friendships



Matt is involved in multiple western disciplines and The Foundation Academy has been designed to enhance and grow membership numbers for different associations within the western world while making showing horses more achievable for riders of all levels!

Looking to grow your sport - We can help make that happen!!

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